TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid


We added V Steel™ to a Rescue™ for the first time in TaylorMade history, giving you improved turf interaction and better performance from difficult lies.

Grip: Lamkin Crossline 360 47g 0.600 Round (Black/Gray)


  • Twist Face™ – Uses corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits and to produce straighter shots.
  • V Steel™ Sole Design – Designed to improve turf interaction through reduced friction and provides additional versatility when playing from tight or difficult lies.
  • Speed Pocket™ – Allows for increased sole flexibility and designed to provide additional ball speed and forgiveness on low-face mis-hits.
  • C300 Ultra-Strong Steel Face – High-strength C300 steel allows for a stronger, faster face engineered for explosive speed performance.


Club Number Loft Hand Lie Length Swingweight
SIM Max Hybrid 3 19° RH/LH 60° 40.75” D3
SIM Max Hybrid 4 22° RH/LH 60.5° 40.25” D3
SIM Max Hybrid 5 61° RH/LH 60° 39.75” D3
SIM Max Hybrid 6 28° RH 61.5° 39.25” D3
SIM Max Hybrid 7 31° RH 62° 38.75” D3