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Rescue my rounds

Are you one of those people who can get into trouble off the tee? Like most golfers, your answer is probably a resounding “yes”. This mid-rescue club can help give us average joe’s a chance. This club will keep those pesky long irons out of your hands, while still giving you the control and confidence of an iron. Great for getting off the tee accurately, without giving up a ton of distance. Also great for getting yourself out of trouble and back into the fairway where you can go back to attacking pins.

  • Designed to fill the gap between your longest playable iron and your shortest metalwood
  • Choose your preferred head design to replace hard-to-hit long irons with playable rescues
  • Revolutionary SpeedFoam technology delivers performance unlike any other TaylorMade utility
  • SpeedFoam allows for thinner, faster faces while maintaining excellent sound, feel and response
  • Speed Pocket technology produces hotter launch conditions for distance, forgiveness, and playability
  • Adjustable Loft Sleeve allows golfers to dial in the loft, lie, and trajectory to find the perfect distance
  • Shaft: KBS Hybrid Graphite Shaft
  • Grip: Tour Velvet 360 Rubber Grip
  • Brand: Taylormade