Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls
Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls

The original low compression golf ball that started a soft revolution is not only still the softest, longest and straightest, now it’s even longer, more durable, higher launching, and even faster. Demand to play the world’s Softest. Demand Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls.


  • Mark of Excellence: The Wilson Staff shield logo printed on every Duo ball is a symbol of our commitment to innovation and quality.
  • Softest: At a ground-breaking 29, DUO Soft has the lowest compression, best feel of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls.
  • Longest: Longest distance performance of all competitive premium 2-piece golf balls.
  • Straightest: The lowest driver spin rate of all competitive premium 2-piece balls for straightest flight off the tee.
  • Matte Attack: Now available in four high visibility optix matte finish colors as well as white matte.
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Wilson Staff Women’s D7 Fairway
Wilson Staff Women’s D7 Fairway


Women’s D7 fairway woods with RE•AKT technology feature a Carpenter Custom 455® Face for incredible feel and increased ball speed. Superlight design for faster clubhead speeds with less effort and a new crown construction, creating versatile fairway woods optimized for female players.

GRIP | Wilson Staff Women’s Performance        GRAPHITE SHAFT | UST Mamiya Helium



A premium maraging steel insert provides a thin, hot face increasing both feel and distance performance



Easy to swing for faster clubhead speeds



Thin cast pockets provide strength while reducing weight

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Wilson Staff Women’s D7 Iron Set
Wilson Staff Women’s D7 Iron Set


D7 is designed with Wilson’s thinnest face ever for more responsiveness, longer shots, and better feel. Long irons feature three rows of Power Holes for greater distance and fewer Power Holes combine with optimal weighting and extreme feel in the shorter irons for the most precise distance control. D7 helps women play their best.

Stock Grip is a Wilson Staff Women’s Performance grip. Stock Graphite Shaft is UST Mamiya Recoil 450.

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Wilson Staff Women’s Launch Pad Driver
Wilson Staff Women’s Launch Pad Driver

Wilson’s Women’s’ Launch Pad driver features a super lightweight design, moderate hosel offset and Variable Face technology for high swing speeds, incredible distance, straighter drives, and high launch angles with every swing.

Additionally, the Wilson Staff Women’s Launch Pad family of woods has been designed for female players looking to get their shots up and off the ground, with a very lightweight design and configured to neutralize fade bias by creating a slight draw.

Shaft: UST Mamiya Helium Graphite Grip: Wilson Staff MicroLite


  • The Slice is Solved – The Launch Pad driver is designed to solve golf’s most frustrating problem – the dreaded slice off the tee. The moderate hosel offset, combined with 13 grams of weight in the heel side of the club and an upright lie angle will put an end to the slice in your game.
  • Our Most Forgiving Face Yet – This innovative tech is built into the Launch Pad head and delivers high ball speeds and high launch angles, regardless of where on the face they make contact.
  • Seriously Fast Club Head Speeds – The lightweight components of the club including the head, shaft, and grip result in a total club weight of just 272g, making the Launch Pad driver one of the lightest on the market. This extremely lightweight translates into an effortless increase in clubhead speed for greater launch angles and distance.
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Wilson Staff Women’s Launch Pad Iron Set
Wilson Staff Women’s Launch Pad Iron Set

Wilson Staff Launch Pad irons are packed with features designed to help get the ball airborne while delivering distance, forgiveness, and confidence.


  • Launch Pad Sole – The Launch Pad Sole design provides exactly what the name suggests, a sole design that effectively floats above the turf, resulting in a higher launching ball flight.
  • Hollow Construction – Hollow construction supports an incredibly thin face for maximum ball speed and increased distance.
  • Designed to Put Long Irons Back in The Bag – Long irons feature wider, more forgiving soles, with traditional game-improvement sole widths across the shorter irons. The end result is consistent ball contact with less chunking and greater distance.
  • Lightweight Shaft with a Midsize Grip – The lightweight of Launch Pad irons makes it easy to generate high clubhead speeds with minimum effort. The Midsize grip is comfortable and enhances feel for greater confidence with every swing.



Club RH/LH Loft Lie Length Bounce Hosel Offest Swing Weight
4 RH 21 60 39 0.5 0.15 C6.5
5 RH 24 61 38.5 1 0.15 C6.5
6 RH 27 61.5 38 1.5 0.15 C6.5
7 RH 30 62 37.5 2 0.14 C6.5
8 RH 34 63 37 3.5 0.135 C6.5
9 RH 39 63.5 36.5 4.5 0.13 C6.5
PW RH 44 64 36 6 0.125 C6.5
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