Looking to shake things up a bit?

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Try the three line alignment today!

Feel like you’re not getting everything out of your putting? Maybe mixing things up a bit is exactly what you need! Every Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Tack golf ball comes with three lines to help you line up your putts correctly. It makes sense, if you’re not lined up correctly to begin with, you’re not giving yourself the best chance to make the putt.

  • New Dual Soft Fast Core is infused with graphene to create a new, larger inner core to maximize compression energy while minimizing driver spin for high launch and long-distance
  • Dual-core construction promotes distance with longer clubs and more control as you get closer to the green
  • Tour Urethane cover feel great and generates stroke-saving spin and pitches and chips
  • Triple Track Technology places three lines on the side of the ball using Vernier Visual Acuity to improve alignment and putting accuracy
  • Four-piece construction with a fast SubMantle delivers optimal control
  • Chrome Soft X has soft feel, high levels of forgiveness, and a more workable ball flight