Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls
Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls

Z-STAR XV provides maximum ball speed for unmatched driver and iron distance. Its premium 4-piece construction gives skilled players complete tour performance, tee to green.

NEW FastLayer™ Core

Convention states: hard cores are fast, soft cores are slow. And while moderate swing speed golfers do benefit from the launch conditions of a lower-compression ball, tour caliber golfers need a firmer core for optimal performance. Yet everyone wants great feel, tee to green. So how does a high-speed golfer get fast ball speeds AND great feel? FastLayer. FastLayer starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firm around its edge, giving high-speed players exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed for maximum distance.

NEW 4th Generation Spin Skin® with SeRM®

Spin Skin with Slide-Ring Material, or SeRM, is a urethane compound that coats the cover of all Z-STAR golf balls. This extremely resilient material enhances spin thanks to its unique molecular structure that uses what we call “moveable cross-linking.” By taking unprecedented levels of shearing force without breaking its molecular bonds, Spin Skin with SeRM is able to dig deep into your wedge and iron grooves, dramatically increasing friction and maximizing spin for more control and more stopping power on every shot.

338 Speed Dimple® Pattern

The 338 Speed Dimples on each Z-STAR Series golf ball improve overall aerodynamics for better flight performance with drivers, woods, and irons. With just the right combination of dimple uniformity and dimple occupancy, the Speed Dimples boost distance and go straight, even in the toughest wind conditions.


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