Titleist Vokey Sm7 Brushed Steel Wedge
Titleist Vokey Sm7 Brushed Steel Wedge

Improving in all three areas of wedge performance, new SM7 models provide increased shot versatility with expanded fitting options, improved distance and trajectory control, and more spin through the following key advancements.
Finely tuned Progressive Center of Gravity locations improves trajectory and distance control while creating the best-feeling Vokey wedges to date. Proprietary heat treatment is applied to all Vokey Design SM7 wedges, resulting in longer-lasting spin through the life of the wedge.
The fastest way to a better short game is through a wedge fitting. There are six tour-proven sole grinds – F, S, M, K, L, and the new D grind – allow golfers of all skill levels to be precisely fit for their swing type, shot making style, and course conditions.

  • F Grind: Full sole designed primarily for full swings and square face shots. For that reason, F is the only grind available in the 46 ¼-52 ¼ models. The 54 ¡/56 ¡ F Grind is the most played sand wedge on the PGA Tour.
  • S Grind: Design based on feedback from Steve Stricker, the S is best for square faced shots with a touch more versatility than the F Grind. Simple mechanics are best with this wedge.
  • M Grind: Vokey’s favorite, the M grind is designed for players that like to rotate the clubface open and shut to manufacture shots around the green.
  • D Grind: The player’s high bounce wedge, the new D Grind offers high measured bounce with the crescent shape of the M Grind for shot making versatility.
  • K Grind: The highest bounce wedge in the lineup, the K Grind is the ultimate bunker club and the most forgiving wedge in the lineup for all shots.
  • L Grind: The L Grind features a narrow crescent shape allowing maximum green side versatility, but it is the least forgiving wedge in the lineup.
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