Srixon Soft Feel 11 Golf Balls
Srixon Soft Feel 11 Golf Balls

Distance never felt so good, with the all-new Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls. Now in its 11th generation, the 2-piece Soft Feel golf ball provides even better feel on all shots, with improved greenside spin and incredible distance and accuracy from tee to green. With a 60-compression construction and a softer, thinner cover, this ball is the full package.


Energetic Gradient Growth Core
Optimize your launch conditions with the E.G.G. Core. Softer in the center and firmer on the outside, it launches high off the tee with low spin for added distance. This new version is larger than past generations, improving ball speed and distance.

New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern decreases the drag coefficient in the new Soft Feel. A lower drag coefficient means the ball cuts through the air, is less affected by wind, and thus more consistent and accurate.

Softer Cover
Get more control around the greens with a soft, thin cover. This soft Ionomer cover promotes more greenside spin and a softer feel on all pitches, chips, and putts.

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